Women of Colour on the Campaign Trail: Naomi SayersThe Bitches talk to the Independent candidate for Sault Ste. Marie, Naomi Sayers. Make sure you never miss an episode, become a subscriber at badandbitchy.com
Platform PleasantriesListen now (57 min) | Episode 128
The one where they talk about abortionListen now (60 min) | Episode 127
Women of Colour on the Campaign Trail: Jannat GarewalListen now (50 min) | 2022 Ontario election candidates
MP Michelle Rempel GarnerListen now (58 min) | She's back
Teach me how to DougieListen now (49 min) | Episode 126
Misogynist of the Week: Dan PriceListen now (27 min) | This week's Misogynist of the Week is Dan Price, CEO of Gravity Payments.
We're Bringing Unions BackListen now (48 min) | Episode 125
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