The Bad + Bitchy Podcast is a society and culture podcast that provides a critical analysis of politics, current events and pop culture from an intersectional feminist perspective.

Recorded in Ottawa, Ontario and founded in 2017, Bad + Bitchy was started by three friends who decided to record their conversations on feminism and social injustice and publish them for the world. Since then, the Bitches have written for a number of publications, make regular appearances on TV and radio, and provide equity and inclusion services for companies.

Listening to Bad + Bitchy podcast may result in uproarious laughter, a generalized raging at our systems, and the desire to do something — anything — to make this world a better place; not just for white women, but the entire spectrum of folks who don’t identify as an old white dude.


Erin Gee

Erin is an Ottawa-based media personality with nearly 10 years of experience working at the intersection of policy and communications. She co-founded the Bad + Bitchy Podcast in 2017 with Erica Ifill and Bailey Reid, a podcast that provides critical analysis of politics and pop culture through an intersectional feminist lens. A born community builder, Erin has organized TEDx events, fundraisers, conferences, and cultivated a digital presence that led to her being featured in the New York Times. All of Erin's work is guided by the principle of making the world suck less. Find more at


Erica ifill

Erica Ifill is an economist-turned-entrepreneur who founded her own digital media agency, Not In My Colour, that uses her decade of experience in developing digital content and communications strategies for companies that want to become more diverse and inclusive.

In addition, Erica is a columnist whose bylines include: the Ottawa Citizen, Policy Options and the Globe and Mail, where writes on gender and racial issues. She writes about technology and digital media’s impact on society on her website

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Amy Kishek

Amy is a proud intersectional feminist killjoy. She is a Palestinian-Canadian lawyer working to represent unionized workers in matters of labour and human rights law. She was previously a political staffer, and has a master's degree in international political economy. Amy has worked with a number of advocacy organizations, including on issues of unpaid internships and electing more women to federal politics. Amy embraces the label of social justice activist, has organized rallies and marches, and brings her feminism to her writing at the Beaverton, and to Twitter every damn day.

Photos by Andrew Meade.