About the Pod

Bad + Bitchy is an intersectional feminist podcast with our hottest takes on the latest in politics, social issues and pop culture. With episodes like, “Blame It On the Racism," and, “The Frenemies of Feminism,” you can be sure there'll be a spirited debate amongst the three co-hosts, Amy, Erica, and Erin.

Episodes are broken into three segments:

  • This Week in Feminism

  • Rent and Receipts

  • Misogynist of the Week

Listening to Bad + Bitchy podcast may result in uproarious laughter, a generalized raging at our systems, and the desire to do something — anything — to make this world a better place; not just for white women, but the entire spectrum of folks who don’t identify as an old white guy. Expect moments of discomfort, of having your ideas challenged, and discussion of our menstrual cycles.


About the Hosts







Erin Gee

For the past ten years, Erin has worked to make the world around her a better place. By day, she works for the Canadian public service, trying to build a more resilient Canada. By night, she teaches spin where she challenges riders to push themselves outside their comfort zones to achieve their goals and build confidence.

Erin has worked in a number of community-oriented roles, including: organizing two TEDx events (one in Vancouver and one in Ottawa) and being the digital strategist for a municipal election campaign. Always willing to roll up her sleeves to get the job done, Erin is a firm believer that all good ideas require iteration, and that talk requires action. Hailing from Vancouver, BC, Erin is always ready to discuss politics, pop culture, food, sports, and tech. Find Erin on the net here

Erica Ifill

Erica worked as an economist for the Canadian public service for nine years before taking the plunge to run her own social branding agency where she specializes in social media and styling strategies. Although these are image-driven industries, Erica believes that strength and beauty are not independent, rather they reinforce one another. She understands that one of the main vehicles of strength is the voice and therefore, she encourages women to use it to speak up and out. Through her blog, NotInMyColour.com, she examines the historical and cultural underpinnings of the substantive issues of the day.

Having marched to protest the death of Abdirahman Abdi - a Black, disabled, immigrant male - by the Ottawa Police Service, Erica quickly stopped talking and started doing. She works with Caribbean Union of Canada to build and support the socio-economic progress of the Black Community in Canada. Through this work she liaises with the Community and Police Action Committee for solutions to police friction with the Black Community. Armed with strong opinions and historical facts, Erica is always ready to debate the intersection of race and gender.

Amy Kishek

Amy Kishek is a proud intersectional feminist killjoy. She is a Palestinian-Canadian lawyer working to represent unionized workers in matters of labour and human rights law. She was previously a political staffer, and has a master's degree in international political economy. Amy has worked with a number of organizations in federal lobbying and advocacy, including issues of unpaid internships and electing more women to federal politics. Amy curates an Ottawa events newsletter, promoting the local arts, music and culture scene. She embraces the label of social justice activist, has organized rallies and marches, and brings her feminism to her writing at the Beaverton, and to Twitter every damn day.