Since its inception in March 2017, the Bad+Bitchy Podcast has grown and shed light onto many other related projects and products that would effectively see the Bad+Bitchy Podcast evolve into a larger multimedia platform, Bad+Bitchy Media.

Here’s how the Bad+Bitchy family could expand:

  • At least two additional podcasts

  • Longer-form written analysis on issues that affect women and those who identify as women

  • More video content

We have opted to use Patreon and cultivate a group of patrons because as much as we learn from the conversations on the podcast, we have heard that our listeners also learn a great deal. Staying up to date on the news can be stressful and overwhelming, and part of our goal is to pick important issues and discuss them in ways other media outlets aren’t with a bit of fun and humour.

Monthly contributions will start as low as $5 per month, which is about the cost of your morning latte. So we ask that you consider supporting us in highlighting stories and topics that affect women and other marginalized groups, elevating their voices, and having a bit of fun.



Shoutout on podcast (if you want)

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Access to bonus podcasts 5 days before everyone else

Personalized input for an Instagram story

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Access to bonus video content 5 days before everyone else

B+B t-shirt (note- we want Alternative Apparel sourcing)

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Podcast appearance for personal consultation where we provide insight or advice on an issue

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