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This was such an educational conversation for me and I love the solidarity. I had some knowledge of the ways Asian women are fetishized as subservient previously and definitely know about the model minority. But I had no idea how far it went (i.e., the Amy Schumer nonsense - seriously, everyone needs to stop calling this woman a feminist) and that was shocking to realize. Thank you for having Rosalyn on, Erica. I’m looking forward to part 2!

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I have been with Asian women for over 45 years (I'm 77, take no pharmaceuticals, and am prefectly 'functional' and healthy)

I am married to a woman from China, who keeps me healthy in all her oversights of my healthcare and especially Dietary needs.. We've been married over 10 years, and still Play..

I take a little offense at a white woman assessing Asian women in general, mostly because I have 'grown' to accept and 'adopt' their "Mentality", which is unlike any Western offerings of social interaction..

My wife is 68, and ten years my junior.. She is extremely "Traditional" and as most women in China from that era, is also very superstitious..

That 'Mentality' that I tout, is simply too foreign, for minds graced from Kindergarten upwards to be predatious to oneanother, and to be Competitive rather than cooperative and mutually versed in task-solving..

I am 'Just' back from 3 weeks in CHINA, and have renewed observations about the changes that have happened in my 10 year absense.. (Later)

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