Mar 29, 2022Liked by Erica Ifill

As usual brilliant and exceptional observations. Yesterday Erica retweeted "the list" Polanski, Woody Allen, Affleck, Leto, Penn, Spacey and Weinstein. Which got me thinking about Mel Gibson, Ezra Miller, Depp, Pitt and Epstein. Today's highlight has been Andrew of the multi million dollar sex trafficking payout accompanying his mummy to church - but yes please we (white people) should have something to say about 'waves hand vaguely' everything else.

In the one conversation I have had on the topic, a friend and I discussed the Hollywood hypocrisy and she pointed out that the entire Hollywood machine promotes, awards and accepts all manner of violence, Million Dollar Baby anyone. So seeing Hollywood and the hangers on comment... well of course they did.

For the record YOURS were the first and only takes that I went for!! And this will be my one and only public comment.

Thank you for your work - thrilled to be a subscriber!

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